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Virgula divina

“ A modern take on the ancient
and supernatural. ”

Alessi-Virgula Divina-bottle opener.jpg

VIRGULA DIVINA, the bottle opener for Alessi

One of the foundations to simple design is the simplicity and clarity of the concept behind it.

When Alessi came to us to design a bottle opener as an extension of their unique gifting range, we used dowsing rods as our inspiration – Virgula Divina in latin.

For centuries these Y-shaped sticks have been used to find underground sources of water. Like a bottle opener, a tool that quite literally provides access to a liquid.

Taking the concept through the whole design, we even shaped the opener itself to mirror the broken end of a twig, just like an original dowsing stick.

Alessi-Virgula Divina-bottle opener-dowsing-rod.jpg