Studio Gooris is an award-winning industrial design studio, a little oasis of Milanese tranquillity and style in the midst of the hustle of Hong Kong.

A space where we can think and reflect, where the music’s always playing, the coffee flows freely and where our clients are always welcome to drop by.


Our projects have commercial success designed in from day one. Don’t just take our word for it. Actions speak louder than words. In 2018, both startups Bombol and Rollogo were approached by their respective industry leaders within weeks after the launch of the their

latest products. The same year, Studio Gooris won 20 international design awards, was bestowed with the title of “Most Valuable Company in Hong Kong for Innovation and Design”, and is in the The Culture Trip‘s top 10 design studio’s of Hong Kong.



We choose our clients carefully. We only work with people who have an ambition to do something genuinely unique, useful, ambitious and amazing. Something that will change the world for the better and that we can be proud to say we were part of creating.

Our clients vary from global multinationals to innovative start-ups working in a vast array of sectors from household goods, fashion accessories, cosmetics, lighting, audio, travel & sports goods, health care, aviation and baby products.



Our studio is headed up by our founder, Frédéric Gooris. Frédéric graduated as an engineer from the Hogeschool Antwerpen in 1998.

In 1999 he moved to Milan, where he obtained his Master in Design at Domus Academy. For the next five years he works directly with Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni on a wide range of projects for global brands such as Target, Alessi, Lavazza, Nissan, Siemens. In 2004 he founded Studio Gooris in Milan.

In 2010, in the midst of the financial crisis, he and his family went in search of new creative adventures and moved to Hong Kong, one of the most dynamic cities in the world. It is here where he’s fully immersed in the world of factories and doing business.

Besides being a creative mind, he is also a driven entrepreneur: in 2009 he co-founded Bombol, a company for smart design oriented baby furniture and in 2017 he co-founds Crisp Vision Company.

Today, Frédéric brings innovation, storytelling and entrepreneurship to every project.