Whether you’re designing something new, or reinventing something old, we’ll guide you towards commercial success. At Studio Gooris we design products for clients, but we also launch products ourselves. It means we go further than most design agencies, bringing three core strengths to every project.



We don’t re-design, we reinvent. Innovation is what gets us up in the morning and the starting point for everything we do.

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So many products fail because they don’t have a clear and compelling story that engages their target audience. We build a strong story into every product.

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We have a track record of launching our own products, so we understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and what it takes to create a commercial success. While we focus on the details, we’ll always have one eye on your bigger commercial picture.  



We’ve been in your shoes: armed with an idea, big ambitions – and a ton of reasons why it can’t possibly work. Here’s how we’ll make sure it does:

We articulate your vision

We’ll help you define your vision. We’ll break down the steps to reaching it. And we’ll break down each of the barriers we find along the way. That is how we innovate.

We define your narrative

As we create your product, we’ll help you tell the authentic, engaging product story that’s so important for a successful launch. This narrative will be told in everything we do: from the materials and processes we use, to the colours and finishes of the final product.

We speak engineer

We’re not just designers, we’re also trained engineers. So we know how to design with production processes in mind. And most importantly, we’ll be with you every step of the way helping to iron out any problems until your product rolls off the line.



We’re first and foremost a Product Design Agency, but we provide a wide range of services to our clients, from concepts based on nothing but a sketch and a hunch, to creating brands with a story to tell.

We approach every brief with a blank piece of paper and build a team around you from our network of experts, all with years of experience in their field. That means, whatever it takes to launch your product, we can make it happen. And because we’re building a team just for you, you get the experience you need without getting a bill that looks like a telephone number.

Our services include:

o   Industrial design

o   Design strategy

o   Manufacturing guidance

o   Graphic design

o   Branding

o   Copywriting and naming