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" Welcome to 7th heaven! "

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SKY, the adult toys for Ave

AVE is a young Danish brand that’s shaking up the adult pleasure industry by designing beautiful products that reflect real people and their erotic desires. Love is our source of creation, so far from treating this world like a taboo, AVE are setting out to create products we can all be proud to enjoy.

‘SKY’ (meaning cloud in Danish) is just the first part of their story and we were proud to be involved in this new brand from day one.



Our starting point was to research eroticism in paintings and we soon struck upon the light-hearted erotic tale of Seventh Heaven, which seemed entirely appropriate. The morphing nature of clouds not only brings this idea to life but also gives the freedom to create a whole range of toys.

In the dark, the toys are most intuitive: the big bump unleashes more power while the small bump reduces it and the bumps on the front generate extra stimulation.

Rather than following the dogmas in the industry - pink, purple and black - SKY's colours were inspired by a little morning tease or a midnight indulgence, giving them a luxurious feeling.

The popular saying “every cloud has a silver lining, for behind it the moon or sun is shining” also helped us add that extra bit of glamour. The night version has a silver lining from the pale moonlight, while the day version has the pale gold colour of the first sunlight at dawn.

The narrative, form and function seamlessly blend together into a collection of playful and elegant sculptures. SKY invites you to let your senses drift away.



Charging is also simple and elegant. A little magnetic cloud snaps into place to start recharging your SKY toy. And just as two colliding clouds create a thunderstorm, once connected, the backlit thunderbolt will show up to indicate the battery is charging.

The Sky family is exclusively made from body-safe medical grade silicon, which not only is harmless, but also 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Every detail matters...

Photographer: Laurent Ségretier (ambient), Simon J. Nicol (still life), © 2014
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