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We innovate and design products.

Designing is exploring. Whether you’re designing something new or reinventing something old, we’re here to help you capture and combine the three magic ingredients to any great product: a compelling story, innovation that makes the heart beat faster and a large dose of sound business sense.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Iconic products build brands

So many products fail because they don’t have a clear and captivating story that engages their target audience. This is elementary as it ultimately results in brand loyalty. We build a strong story into every product. We’ve teamed up with everyone from innovative start-ups to global multinationals.

We work in a vast array of sectors from household goods, fashion, accessories, cosmetics, lighting, audio, travel & sports goods, health & wellness, aviation and baby products. Here’s a taste of our work:


Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, Design for Business

We love to invent new things and we love to captivate our audience with our products, it’s what we get up for in the morning. But that does not mean we build intangible air castles: besides being designers, we’re also trained engineers and entrepreneurs. So we know how to design with production processes in mind and we’ll be with you every step of the way until your product rolls off the line.

And most importantly, we have a track record of launching our own products. Rather than starting from the product to create a business, we always take a hard look at the business model first. The unique insights we extract from our initial analysis ensure commercial success is built in from day one.