Bamboo Feature 4-2560x960 V3.jpg
Bamboo Feature 4-2560x960 V3.jpg


" The first bouncer
not just for babies. "



" The first bouncer
not just for babies. "

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The first bouncer not just for babies

To be certified, a bouncer must support 9kgs – an average one year-old. We wanted our bouncer to last a little longer than that. As baby chair, ours is certified up to 18kg (we actually tested it up to 100kg to be on the safe side). 18kg is roughly a five year-old. More useful for much longer.

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Bamboo Bouncer

For kids with a mind of their own

Bamboo’s dynamic backrest lets your child choose their position simply by shifting their weight. A bit like an ergonomic office chair. You can also adjust, lock or release the backrest's position silently without waking up your child.

Bombol Bamboo baby bouncer with big kid.jpg

Rock Solid Yet Rocks Gently

Underneath we've used precision mechanics and several patents to ensure Bamboo bounces softly under even the smallest newborns, yet can effortlessly carry the weight of children as they grow up.

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Designed like a hug

Our NewBorn Kit provides all-round head and side support until your baby's wriggling skills kick in. It's easy to remove for a wash – or to swap with the dynamic backrest so big brother or sister can still enjoy their chair.

Bombol Bamboo baby bouncer newborn kit NBK.jpg
Bombol Bamboo baby bouncer newborn with kids

Safe by everyone’s standard

Bamboo is fully compliant with EN12790:2009. That’s the European safety standard for bouncers. However, Bamboo is also the only bouncer that complies with EN1728:2012 for furniture, meaning it can be safely used by children up to 18kg. Every component is also compliant with REACH, one of the strictest laws to date regulating chemical substances.


Bamboo bouncer: simply the most innovative on the market

With the Bamboo Bouncer your child can enjoy snoozing, playing, bouncing and relaxing on their own high-end padded piece of furniture. And with every component over-tested, you can relax too.

Photo: Simon J Nicol, © 2015
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