A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, or so goes the popular saying. Preparing a wonderful meal to share with friends or family can be very fulfilling, but the garlic, onion and seafood smells, that seem to have penetrated your skin to stay, are far less attractive. You can wash your hands over and over again, to no avail.

“Savon du Chef” is an essential kitchen accessory: this stainless steel soap eliminates all food odours. It is sufficient to rub your hands with this curious garlic-shaped soap under cold water for a few seconds to have soft and odour-free hands. Furthermore, “Savon du Chef” is hollow, so it stays afloat when it accidentally drops in the water. The top part of “Savon du Chef” is mirror polished to safely clean your fingernails.

Designed with the advice of F. Leclerc, Photo: R. Bianchi / M. Minni (ambient), K. Egan for Peter’s of Kensington (still life), © 2012